Qt 5.10 Professional Programming with C++

Author Max Schlee

This book was released in 2018 by the BHV-Petersburg publishing house in Russian. Its target audience are a wide range of software and app developers.

This book offers you a variety of programming techniques for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, as well as mobile apps for Android and iOS. All the techniques use the Qt 5.10 library and show you how to publish apps on Google Play and Apple App Store. The author describes in detail the interesting features offered by the the Qt 5.10 library, showcasing its advantages over various C++ libraries. You will learn how to use Qt Creator, the complete integrated development environment; how to create GUIs with Qt Designer; how to work with Qt Quick and Qt Quick Controls 2; how to implement 2D and 3D graphic. You will also explore the multimedia features of the library, as well as the Qt WebEngine module allowing you to create web applications, programming data bases, multi-thread programming, XML, QML, JavaScript, etc. You will find all the information you need about a great number of Qt 5 classes and widgets, as well as recommendations on how to use them, demonstrated in examples covering the source files. The complete archive of examples used in the book can be downloaded from the publishing house website, under "Files for Downloading" ("Файлы для загрузки"). The Appendix of the book offers detailed descriptions of how to download, install and fine-tune everything you need to work with Qt 5.10 on Windows, macOS and Ubuntu Linux. You can download a free sample of the book as a .pdf or buy the book at

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